Template Data

Template data can be accessed in a template as item.data.nameofitem

Text Fields

Short Text and Long Text are both available for text fields on a template. Short text uses plain text and Long Text supports plain text, Textile, Markdown, along with a WYSIWYG editor.

File Upload

Gives a slot on a template to upload any type of file which can be used in your template.

Note that if you’re using the actual item in your template, when linking to it you’ll need to add the .url suffix to the reference.

Radio Buttons and Select Lists

Standard radio buttons and select lists can be referenced by their name and will output the selected option as a string.

Check Boxes

The checked boxes are provided to you as an array, and can be manipulated with any of the Array Filters.

Date & Time

The Date and Time field allows a specific day and/or time to be entered into your page data. There are three choices: Date and Time, Date only, and Time only. The Date and Time data can be customized in your template with the Date Filters.