Managing Content

Learn how to get the most out of your content in Harmony. Assets, blogs, pages, links, and more will make your sites seamless and versatile.

Managing Pages

In Harmony, you build and maintain your content in the same hierarchy as you present it to your visitors. Pages can collect any type of data you want, all driven from the selected template for the page. It makes adding pages and editing content simple, straight forward, and fast.

Creating Links

Links in Harmony are a simple way to create items in your site structure that link either to another site, or to a different location on your own site. With Harmony, these link items allow you this flexibility while keeping a simple and familiar workflow.

Creating Blogs

Harmony contains a full featured blogging engine. You can even create multiple blogs on the same site, if that’s what your site needs. Blogs can be created at any level of your site, not just at the top. Not only that, but each part of your blog can use a different template, for an unprecedented level of customization.

Blog Posts and Feeds

Managing blog posts in Harmony is both simple and extremely flexible. Date-based publishing, in combination with Harmony’s extremely flexible template system, makes for an amazingly versatile blogging platform.

Uploading Assets

Harmony will help you store any type of asset file or image on your site. We even provide a fast, simple way to upload multiple files at once. To start, just go to the ‘Images and Files’ section off the site dashboard.

Using External Data

Data Feeds at its core is a background service we’ve added to Harmony that polls other internet services that you specify, allowing you to consume their data.


Forms let you get feedback from your users, from a simple contact us form to a more complicated employment application.