Account Management

*Profiles, accounts, and sites all work together to create a seamless, flexible way to administrate and collaborate on website development and maintenance. Learn how to get the most out of Harmony, whether you’re a content editor, a development vendor, or a website owner.

Your Profile

Your profile in Harmony is unique. No matter how many accounts or sites you administrate, you log in using your own username and password. No more remembering different logins, domains, and administration areas.

Working with Accounts

Accounts in Harmony are living spaces for sites. Each account will select a plan based on the number of live sites and amount of file storage space needed. You may have as many development sites, pages and users in an account as you wish, they will all use the resources assigned to their account.

Managing a Site

Creating a site in Harmony is fast and simple. The easiest way is to click the ‘Show Sites List’ link at the top of the page, then click the Add a Site link that shows up at the end of the list. You’ll be presented with a dialog to name your site, give it a primary domain if you have one, and create the first theme for the site.

Using Your Domain Name

Harmony wants you to use your own domain name for your sites. Simply place your domain name into the ‘Primary Domain’ field when you create your site (or in the site settings area after), and point your domain at Harmony. We’ll take care of the rest.

Adding Administrators

In Harmony, we encourage collaboration. Invite other people you trust to help you manage your sites, or your whole account. If the user exists in the system, we’ll simply add their profile to your site or account. If they don’t have a Harmony profile, we’ll send them an invite, and add them once they’ve signed up.