Working with Accounts

Accounts in Harmony are living spaces for sites1. Each account will select a plan based on the number of live sites and amount of file storage space needed. You may have as many development sites, pages and users in an account as you wish, they will all use the resources assigned to their account. 1 All sites in an account will draw from the live sites maximum and file storage space reserved for the account.

Selecting a Plan

To modify your account’s plan, first click the ‘Profile and Accounts’ link in the top menu bar, then select the account you want to modify in the sidebar. Click ‘Plan and Billing’, then you can either edit your current billing information, or change to a different plan.

You will be able to upgrade your account at any time, and downgrade if you are within the ‘live sites’ limit of the plan. To downgrade to a lower plan, you may need to set one or more live sites into ‘Development Mode’ in order to meet the live site limit.